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Somerville School, Noida

Mrs. M.N. Arul Raj

Mrs. M.N. Arul Raj has been associated with Somerville School, NOIDA for 19 years. She joined the school as an Economics teacher and was the Headmistress of the Primary school from the year 1998 to 2006. Mrs. M.N Arul Raj was appointed as Principal from April 2006. Mrs. M.N. Arul Raj has done her Masters degree in Economics from Bangalore University.

A dynamic and progressive educationist, she upholds high ideals and works tirelessly in pursuit of excellence. Mrs. M.N. Arul Raj’s leadership inspires her staff and students to dream more, to

have lofty aspirations and most importantly to arm themselves with self - belief. Taking for her Pole star - self-reliance, faith, honesty and industry, along with energy and invincible determination, Mrs. M.N.Arul Raj is steering the school to achieve outstanding results in academics, to raise the bar in extra- curricular activities thus enabling her teachers to mould upright and morally strong young girls and boys. With such a leader at the helm of affairs, Somerville School shall always win and shall conquer every bastion.

Mrs. Elizabeth Varghese

Mrs. Elizabeth Varghese, a gold medalist in M.A.( English), has been in the teaching profession for more than two decades. She has also been a keen sports person. She was the Sports captain of her college (Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow)and was a member of the University Basketball Team. Her interest in computers led her to do a post graduate diploma in computers from APTECH.

She has a team of energetic and enthusiastic teachers who help her in all her endeavors. Under her inspirational guidance the

Somerville School, Noida

teachers take a keen interest in the full development of the children laying stress on the inculcation of values like discipline, self help as well as interest in extra curricular and co-curricular activities.

According to her , each day has been a great day of learning not only from her seniors but also from her students.

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